Irina Kekelidze (born in Saint Petersburg, Russia lives and works in Florence, Italy and Luxembourg) Having left her home country early in her life, Irina has since been preoccupied with the ideas of displacement and abandonment that largely influenced the body of her work. Both personal struggle in the face of unknown and the challenges that the foreign land brings had a profound effect on how Irina developed as an artist. The juxtaposition of the outside world vis-à-vis the complexity of the human nature becomes a continuous theme in Irina's work. In most of her paintings she is investigating the deepest levels of human emotions while depicting the complexity of our inner psyche. As an unfolding tale, the endless swirls of morphing images bring the viewer's attention to every single detail of the composition. Inadvertently the viewer becomes aware of a perfectly organized chaos that only a human mind can replicate, and most significantly make sense of...  Read more